niedziela, 18 września 2016

Time is over

The world is good and safe.
Beauty surrounds me.
I love my life.
I love art.
I am breathing calmly and deeply. 
I feel my body relaxing.
I float freely. 
Being free is my body’s and mind’s natural state.
I am freeing myself.
I am ridding myself of all burdens.
I release that which is external, imposed, and unnecessary.
I am returning to myself. 
I am breaking free from the heaviness. 
I feel freedom, ease, lightness.
I feel strength and peace. 
I am flowing with the current and nothing is able to stop me.
I am returning to the source. 
I feel safe.
I forgive others as well as myself. 
I am freeing myself from the weight of sorrow and grievances.
I can finally feel freedom. 
No one and nothing can harm me if I don’t let them.
I am breaking free from dependences and evil. 
The demons are backing away. 
Only pure light remains. 
My soul is free forever. 
I feel unity. 


Time is over_3x from zarraf on Vimeo.

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